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Mercury is a known poisonous neurotoxin and can be deadly to the human body. It is widely recognized as a major contributor to the body burden of heavy metals, a common denominator in the development of chronic degenerative disease. Unfortunately, mercury has been a common ingredient in metal amalgam fillings and dental restorations for years. At Hebert Dental, we proudly offer only mercury-free fillings for your health and safety. If you have existing mercury fillings you’d like to have removed, our professional mercury filling removal in Eau Claire, WI, can help restore your oral health and overall well-being.

Mercury-Safe Removal Protocols

Mercury is released as a vapor and to protect you and our professionals during the process of mercury filling removal, we will be using the following protocols to minimize the risk of exposure.

  • We will offer you a mask to cover your nose to allow you to breathe oxygen instead of aerosol generated when the mercury fillings are removed.
  • We will place a rubber dam on the teeth we are treating to isolate them from the rest of your mouth to keep you from swallowing mercury-filling dust.
  • A high-speed vacuum will be used to suction off debris generated by the old fillings, and another vacuum (IQ Air) will pull away the aerosol and mercury vapor generated as the fillings are removed. The IQ Air also filters the mercury and other toxins out of the air.
  • Disposable surgical drapes will be placed over your body to avoid contamination of your skin and clothing.

Our experienced team will provide you with guidelines to follow in preparation for removal. We ask that you adhere to these guidelines and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Bonus - Free Copy of Dr. Tarpenning's book, "Get Your Smile On! Your Guide To Extraordinary Dental Care"