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Comfortable Dentistry

Whatever dental treatment or procedure you need, you can expect it to be as comfortable, easy, and pain-free as possible.

Satisfied Patients

Here at Hebert Dental, we pride ourselves on having the happiest of patients, as evidenced by our countless 5 star reviews.

Emergencies Seen Same Day

Our dentists know it’s vital to get you seen right away so that teeth may be saved and immediate action may be taken to relieve pain and discomfort.

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High-Tech Dentistry

Our state-of-the-art office is conducive for any dental procedure. We have cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide you the experience you want.

Amalgam-Free Fillings

Hebert Dental takes pride in offering amalgam-free dental fillings for your health and safety. Our dentists in Eau Claire, WI have been offering mercury-free fillings for over 25 years.


Everyone wants a straighter smile, but we know not all patients prefer traditional braces, so we offer Invisalign. Now you can get the straighter smile you desire, quicker and easier than ever before.

Teeth Whitening

Hebert Dental offers many different whitening options, including our most popular Zoom Whitening and KoR Deep Bleaching.

Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth in an accident, or from some health condition? Our Eau Claire dentists can provide an implant which looks, feels and functions just like your natural tooth.

Preventative Dentistry

Our dentists believe that prevention is always better than cure. This is why we offer comprehensive dental screenings and laser teeth cleanings.

Sedation Dentistry

Invasive dental procedures often cause fear and anxiety to our patients, keeping them from getting the needed treatments. You can count on our fast and effective relaxation solutions whether you’re afraid of simple teeth cleaning or anxious about the pain involved in having a root canal.

Emergency Care

We believe that everyone deserves same day care if they’ve experienced a dental emergency. So we always strive to see existing and new patients right away to help relieve pain, and hopefully save a tooth.

Reviews from Google Places

Jake Mussehl
Jake Mussehl
posted 1 week ago

I was a little apprehensive to go to the dentist because it had been awhile since I had been to one. As soon as I arrived at Hebert Dental, I was greeted with friendly faces all around, from the upfront girls to the dental assistants, the Dentists themselves are very friendly and professional, and my hygienist and her assistant are both great as well. I wasn't lectured at all, I was informed that I needed some treatment, and I was able to ask questions about why my treatment was needed and it was explained to me in a way that I would understand. I was able to schedule my treatment right away and I did not have to wait several weeks to have it done. I feel very comfortable at this dental office and I would recommend Hebert Dental to anyone.

Shelly Cunningham
Shelly Cunningham
posted 4 weeks ago

Hebert Dental is a professional, personable, friendly practice. I was new to he area and they made me feel welcome and very comfortable. The staff is very friendly and patient oriented. So glad I chose Hebert Dental for my dental and orthodontic care!!!

Krissy Froseth
Krissy Froseth
posted 1 month ago

I had a cracked tooth and was worried my tooth would break. I had a crown placed with no pain. The Asst rubbed my arm to help my nervousness. They really cared about me. They even called the next day to make sure I was still doing good. The next day they sent me a hand written thank you note! Who does that! I will continue to recommend my family and friends.

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Dependable Dentistry

Hebert Dental is your destination for dependable dental solutions and specialized healthcare services. Whether you need simple teeth cleaning or a complex restoration procedure, our Eau Claire family dental practice will do it in the best way possible. You will be highly satisfied with the result, and you can rest assured knowing that we are always 100% patient focused! We also believe in helping others, which is why we work with Pay It Forward Dental, a unique dental charity dedicated to providing affordable dental health care to deserving individuals.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Eau Claire dental practice offers a wide range of cosmetic solutions. Our services are comprehensive, and the results we provide are effective and long-lasting. You may choose from our KoR or Zoom! whitening techniques to treat your stained or discolored teeth. We also offer implant dentistry to replace your missing tooth. Crooked, crowded, and widely gapped teeth, on the other hand, is not a problem with our various orthodontic solutions.

Comfortable Dentistry

Whatever dental treatment or procedure you need, you may expect it to be as comfortable, easy, and pain-free as possible. Other than our calming environment and our accommodating staff, we offer sedation dentistry to provide you a deep level of relaxation during your procedure. This allows our Eau Claire dentists to accomplish more in each visit, getting you the treatment you need, in fewer overall visits. Our practice also offers excellent post-operation care to help you heal and recover fast.

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Orthodontic Treatments

Hebert Dental offers dental braces to help straighten your teeth. No matter how severe the problem, we have different options available to resolve it. Our Eau Claire dental practice also offer other orthodontic treatments like Invisalign. If you’re interested in finding out which option is best for you, give us a call for a free consultation!

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